imgThe Formula 1 for optimum breathability.

There is no more efficient way of preventing from unwanted cooling: Sympatex higH2Out® increases breathability by 120% in comparison with standard laminates. Excellent performance – thanks to excellent technology. This is because Sympatex higH2Out® comprises the hydrophilic Sympatex® membrane in combination with a layer that is extremely absorbent. This layer absorbs beads of perspiration within seconds and disperses them over a wide area.

The result: moisture is transported to the outside more quickly and more effectively – before it is able to condense on the skin. This means that it keeps you dry for a long time even during intensive activity at work or durinwg sports.

Sympatex highH2Out® : Transports the body’s moisture to the outsider more quickly 120% higher breathability 100% waterproof 100% windproof. Supports the body’s natural temperature control mechanisms, prevents cooling during period of inactivity (post-chill effect).